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What to expect on your first reflexology session (with Peace Roots).

You're on a journey of getting back to a place of balance, turning off the crazy mode of everyday life. Reflexology can be such a great support to remove stressors that get our body out of kilter.

Knowing what to expect in a Peace Roots session will help you feel more at ease, when coming into your first appointment.

If massage or acupuncture is slightly intimating to you, reflexology is a great less invasive therapy to try. Reflexology just requires taking off your socks and shoes, and can be done in many settings.

Peace Roots offers in office sessions, that take place with a massage table,

and on site sessions, where a zero gravity chair is used, in your home, workplace, event, retreat, or studio.

Before the session takes place, you will receive new client forms, that you fill out before your session. This helps Peace Roots know what conditions and goals you have, so the session can be tailored just for you. If you don't have a printer, forms can be filled out, before the session.

Contraindications such as blood clots are also explained. It's also a precaution to wait till AFTER your 1st trimester of pregnancy to start reflexology.

Clients are also free to ask any questions about their first session, that will help them feel prepared.

Sessions are normally 60 minutes, with options of adding hand and/or ear reflexology,

hot stones, jade stones & CBD cream. These options are there, but also cost extra, which is shown on Peace Roots' website.

Hot stones are great additions for clients who might be experiencing musculoskeletal issues, such as back, neck, and/or hip pain. The warmth of the stones increase blood flow and help the client feel deeper relaxation. Jade stones also are heated, and add the benefit of added detox benefits, which has been known in the actual property of the makeup of the stone. CBD cream is also an option that may benefit pain management and for inflammation.

On the first session, your paperwork will be looked over and you'll have the opportunity to talk through how you're feeling. As the session starts, you will hear how reflexology works, and how the session will go.

Open communication is always encouraged so you are able to stay relaxed & comfortable. If there is any discomfort, it's important to let the therapist know. You do not need to be in pain for reflexology to work. To get nerve impulses working and flowing, compression does not have to be painful. That being said, the therapist will still work on areas showing imbalance, using various techniques to help keep you relaxed, as these areas are important to the session, along with every reflex point.

During your session, you are also encouraged to talk as little or as much as you want. Every client is different, and relaxes differently. This session is for you and importance is placed on what makes you feel MOST comfortable.

If there have been reasons stopping you from getting a reflexology session, please message Peace Roots, to ask any questions you may have. Every reflexology therapist is different, and it's important to try and see if Peace Roots is the right fit for you.

It's also important to say that Peace Roots is certified & qualified through reflexology school & training that correlates with the standards of the A.R.C.B and is also going for Board Certification,in November, which will than make Peace Roots certified throughout the U.S.A. This is not a required certification, but Peace Roots is very passionate about being even more proficient in the art of reflexology, and will continue added training, to learn even more techniques & therapies for Peace Roots clients.

Looking forward to helping you get the care & support you need through reflexology, planting peace from the feet up!


Kat Romett

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