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Foot Reflexology



60 Minute Foot Reflexology Session                             $60

Hot Stone Add-On                                                           $5

Jade Stone Add-On                                                         $7

Ear Reflexology Add-On (7-10 Min)                                     (included in 60 min Session)

Hand Reflexology Add-On (20 Min)                                   (included in 60 min Session)

NEW CBD & Mineral Infused Add-On                            $10

Himalayan Salt Stone Add-On                                        $10

Mini sessions for your team or event                              $100/hr

Grounding Mattes                                                             $10

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                     ONSITE SESSION EVENTS

                              Have Peace Roots in for a special event for group mini sessions. Whether it be 

                              corporate staff wellness mini sessions, a womens wellness retreat, or group

                              event, Peace Roots mini reflexology sessions are a great way to incorporate

                              Peace & wellness, during such a stress filled season.

                     INOFFICE SESSION 

                             Peace Roots Reflexology is opening up a new office location in Souderton, Pa.

                             The office is located at 228 Ridge Avenue, in the same parking lot of 

                              the GENERATIONS SENIOR CENTER. Our building is the smaller white

                              building. Make your way to the back of the building, and you'll see the Peace

                              Roots Sign, during business hours!



​                                                                                                                                                                CORPORATE SESSIONS/ LUNCH BREAK SESSIONS

Perfect for lunch hours, staff appreciation days, picnics & corporate events. Mini sessions can span from 5-20 minutes, depending on time frame, and amount of team members.
Available for corporate events & multiple clients within the same office. Please contact Kat for details.

Please contact Kat to add a bit of R&R to your next special event with mini reflexology sessions for your whole crew! A fun and unique way to experience reflexology for the first time.



Bring Kat into your wellness center, conference, or community event, to speak on issues relating to self care and chronic stress. Kat will share her personal story and ways to increase wellness.




"This was quite the experience. I've had issues with holding stress in my neck and shoulders. It creates headaches periodically. After my session with Kat, I was so much more relaxed in those areas. She was very professional and knew what she was doing. My feet are extremely ticklish. But during the hour that Kat worked on my feet I did not experience the feeling of being tickled. She used the appropriate amount of pressure and knew how to work on my feet in a way that felt good, not tickling. If you're on the fence about having her work on you, definitely give it a try. You may be surprised with how much it'll help you!"

-Becki S.

"Kat is the most gifted reflexologist! She is extremely knowledgeable about this holistic approach to healing. She was able to find all the problem areas in my body even before I was able to tell her about them. I would suggest booking an appointment to all my friends and family."

-Winnie M.

"Absolutely amazing sessions. Lots of peace and Healing!"

-Darlene C.

"The first time that I ever had a reflexology session it was with Kathy! It was amazing! Kathy is very professional and very friendly! She immediately made me feel very comfortable and relaxed! She knows the body and I learned so much about the connection from the reflex points in your feet to the organs and other body parts. I’d highly recommend Kathy!"

-Beth K.

"Full disclosure, I wasn't a complete believer in reflexology before my first session, but that has changed. I was amazed by how my entire body responded to simply working points on my feet. Kat is very professional and explains everything throughout the session. Peaceful environment, very relaxing, educational, and an investment in your long term health."

-Kate S.

"Loved my session. Found all my trigger points!! Thank you."

-Heidi A.

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was hooked after my first mini foot reflexology session with Kat! I couldn’t believe how my body responded to the gentle massage/pressure on my feet. My feet/body really let us know that I could benefit from some sessions! Especially when she was gently massaging the middle of my foot and I about jumped out of the chair! My feet/body continue to “talk” to us in a session and we kind of laugh about it! Kat will be massaging an area and I will say, “Wow, I feel a sensation in my lower back, or in my right knee, or along my forehead! I find it very interesting. I never want a session to end. I have only done regular sessions. One of these times I want to try the hot stones. I have nothing but praise for Kat and Peaceroots Reflexology.I highly recommend her!"

-Lisa S.

"Kathy did an AMAZING job at our Night to Shine event here at Morning Star! She offered foot massages to parents/caretakers of our guests that attended the prom for kids/adults with Special Needs. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. I heard nothing but rave reviews from the parents/caretakers of how wonderful and relaxing it was and they are hoping it will be available again next year. Thank you Kathy and I would highly recommend Peaceroots Reflexology!"

-Terri B. (Morning Star Fellowship Bechtelsville, PA)

"Awesome experience! Helped relieve tension and made me feel better all over! I highly recommend trying it!"

-Valerie A.

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