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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a relaxing and rejuvenating wellness treatment that uses specialized compression techniques applied to reflex points on the tops, sides and bottoms of each foot, the hands, & ears.. These reflex points relate to certain parts, organs and glands of the body which when stimulated, trigger that part of the body and help restore balance, reduce stress, relieve tension and promote self healing.


Reflexology is not a medical treatment and does not treat, diagnose or prescribe for specific diseases but does aid your body in it's capacity to self heal. Once we understand that most "dis-ease" is caused by stress, appreciating the benefits of reflexology in helping manage physical, emotional and mental health becomes clear. 


Peace Roots Reflexology tailors your session to suit your specific health needs and concerns. The combined art and science of reflexology can offer numerous benefits including; 


Improves digestion / irritable bowel, constipation, may include Crohn's & Colitis


Balances the hormonal system / PMS, reproductive issues, sleeping problems, may include infertility, anxiety & depression


Unblocks congestion  / headaches & migraines, cold & sinus, brain fog, low energy, fatigue


Improves circulation, blood flow & increases oxygen from the lungs / high blood pressure, sluggishness, may include diabetes


Stimulates the immune & lymphatic (detox) system to aid in self healing / sickness, injury, may include auto-immune disease, Cancer


Helps relieve pain and nerve impulses / back pain, neck stiffness, muscle tension, sciatica, nerve injury, may included Chronic Pain


Flushes the body and removes wastes / may include bladder infections, fluid retention from pregnancy, lymphedema

Improves muscle tone / immobility, weakness from age


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