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Am I stressing out my lymphatic system?

We're all the learning more and more about the lymphatic system these days. From using a dry brush, to finding ways to eat & DRINK better for a healthier balance of this important function of the body.

First off, WHAT is the lymphatic system and why is it so important?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues that help the body flush out toxins, waste & anything else not wanted.

The reason why the lymphatic system is so important is it moves the lymph fluid, which moves white blood cells through out the body. Those white blood cells fight off many types of infections.

Another key role is fluid recovery & lipid absorption.

What makes up the lymphatic system?

The tonsils, adenoids, spleen, and thymus all come together to work this very system, making healthy lymphatic drainage a top priority. They all come together as a team to work in a circulatory function throughout the body.

"The lymph nodes themselves are made up of sinuses filled with immunological cells, such as lymphocytes and macrophages, that both identify and eliminate viruses, bacteria, cell debris, cancer cells, and other foreign substances that invade our body.

Each part or segment of the body drains into a specific pack of lymph nodes. Neighboring areas which drain into different lymph nodes are separated by so-called watersheds.

Each watershed drains to a particular region of lymph nodes.

After the lymph fluid passes through these nodes it enters larger lymphatic trunks within the body.

After traveling through the lymphatic trunks, the lymph fluid empties into the subclavian vein at the base of the neck (1)."

Did you know STRESS affects the lymphatic system?

"Stress can put quite a toll on the lymphatic system.


This is where reflexology comes into the conversation.

This mirror image foot reflexology chart was created by Kate McCormick for the Victorian School of Reflexology, Melbourne, Australia.

Not only does reflexology provide specific reflexology drainage techniques in the foot, but it also works at promoting the body's natural function to self regulate, balancing the sympathetic & parasympathetic systems of the body.

A qualified reflexologist weaves in relaxation techniques, as well as targeted reflex points that correlate with the lymphatic system, such as main lymphatic drain reflex points, the tonsil reflex, spleen reflex, and the thymus reflex. Working every point in the foot is also very important, as everything in the body is connected, and works off of each other. Complete regular session are key to improved results.

Many clients have noticed decreased stress levels in the body, as a result; as well as many more benefits that come from a more efficient natural healing response in the body.


Finding time alone from those who trigger stress, getting outside to reset our thoughts and thinking patterns, breathing in fresh outside air, exercise, eating well and adding enough sleep are just a few other ways to help manage stress...

For me, being a mom of two boys (one being nonverbal & special needs), I found bodywork, such as reflexology, to be one of the biggest factors in stress management. There's something significant in being in a place of receiving instead of constantly giving, that is healing in itself.

When you're constantly stuck in stress mode, it's often important to have outside help to turn that stress mode OFF. This was the case for me, and as a qualified reflexology practitioner, I find many of my clients have the same experience as well.

It's the perfect time to start finding ways to pave a way for a healthier lymphatic system, and stress reduction can be the start to a new journey filled with health & wellness!


Kat Romett is a Certified & Insured Hand, Foot & Ear Reflexology Practitioner, musician, & mother of 2 boys. She, and her family currently reside in Montgomery County, PA. Through her journey with parenting a child with special needs, Kat has learned the importance of self care & holistic health. She sees the benefits reflexology has in creating peace in the body, which in turn creates peace in stress-filled environments. Kat has a special interest in working with women, mothers & caretakers who handle stress & anxiety on a daily basis.

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