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STRESS and the common cold: Why Stress management should be treated like a prescription.

We all notice how we tend to get sick or develop colds quicker, when we are run down. There's actual truth behind this concept.

Being a reflexologist, one of my primary goals is to be part of a client's stress management plan. Many times we put this to the back of our list, because there are always more urgent things, CONSTANTLY in our lives.

When we start to learn how our mind & body work in relation to stress, we then understand the need to find ways to improve our stress levels, so we can live longer more fulfilled lives.

Learning how stress effects our cell structure can prove to be even more eye opening.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains the biology of stress by talking of how our cells go into a protective mode.

The hypothalamus perceives stress and sends information down to the pituitary gland, which will then send information to our adrenals, where adrenaline is formed.

These glands than release stress hormones to the rest of the body. Blood is than sent to the arms and legs, as fight or flight mode is needed in those areas of the body, as if to RUN or FIGHT.

Where was the blood coming from, for those areas of the body?


What's the function of the viscera? Growth, health & maintenance.

The more we stay in this stress mode, the more we effect our health & wellness deeper than we realize. This is why STRESS MANAGEMENT is an important factor in keeping our bodies healthy, happy & whole.

It is also a BIG reason why I always put focus on the HPA axis. Working on the Hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the adrenals, as well as ALL the reflex points on the hands, ears and feet, helps turn that stress fight or flight mode OFF.

WAYS TO MANAGE STRESS is a learning process for all of us, and is a constant rhythm we need to perfect for our own individual needs. Just like developing healthy eating is a lifestyle, developing healthy stress levels can be just as challenging, if not more!

Bodywork is ONE way to manage stress, and here's WHY. As a holistic practitioner and also a mom of two sons, one being special needs, I benefit from having an outside source help me turn stress mode off. Bodywork, such as massage and reflexology have been key to my stress management. Having a session even once a month, not only helps my body on a physiological level, it also gives me something to look forward to, which helps me manage the current stress at that moment, abit better.

Another way that can help is taking ourselves out of the environment we are in, whilst in a low point. This simple act can help to reset our minds & bodies. I remember one counselor mentioning she heard someone say, they tried to get out of the house everyday, even just going on the porch, or getting the mail. This can help us reset our thinking and negative cycle that we might be in. For some, going on a small car ride without the kids, or even going on a trip can be extremely helpful. Find simple ways to reset when you are stuck in that cycle.

There is a lot more we can learn on stress & how it relates to our body. Hopefully this article starts you on your stress management journey.

Be encouraged that there is always hope, and the more we take responsibility for our own peace & joy, the more disciplined and creative we can be in finding ways to help ourselves and others around us, get out of the hamster wheel of negative thinking and stress.

If you are a local woman who needs stress support, feel free to learn more on my services at


Kat Romett is a Certified & Insured Reflexology Practitioner, musician, & mother of 2 boys. She, and her family currently reside in Montgomery County, PA. Through her journey with parenting a child with special needs, Kat has learned the importance of self care & holistic health. She sees the benefits reflexology has in creating peace in the body, which in turn creates peace in stress-filled environments. Kat has a special interest in working with women, mothers & caretakers who handle stress & anxiety on a daily basis.

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