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Keto Friendly Vanilla Bean Syrup Recipe

As a mom & a reflexologist, I am always working on holistic health filled living not only for me, but also my family. Not only does this include stress management, but it also includes healthy eating!

Recently, I started going to a functional nutritionist who told me I needed to cut down on my sugar intake. I have a serious addiction to iced coffees, and found myself going to a local organic grocer who sold iced coffee, with homemade vanilla bean syrup and coconut milk.

It was the first time I experienced the pure taste of vanilla in syrup form, without that artificial taste. This inspired me to look for a sugar free version! That's when I thought about making my own without the sugar.

I don't prefer stevia, as there's an aftertaste, which is too much for me... So I developed this adjusted recipe with monk fruit sugar. It has no aftertaste and is keto friendly!

I used whole vanilla beans, but noticed a vanilla bean paste at Kimberton whole Foods, which I might try at a more cost effective rate. You can also use pure vanilla syrup, but I haven't tried that to know if it's just as good. If you do try the vanilla syrup, let me know!

To start off, use two cups monk fruit sugar, to one cup water, than add 1/4 tspn lemon juice or creme of tartar( to prevent later crystallization). Boil for 10 minutes, covered until the sugar is fully dissolved. Than add the vanilla beans. I slit and scraped one full vanilla bean stalk, which you can get at most grocery stores. I added the beans and stalk to the syrup right after the boil was done.

You can store the vanilla syrup in the fridge for two weeks. Enjoy it in your favorite cup of coffee, iced or hot; favorite baking recipes, and anything you need sweetened without the guilt!

You also have the option to strain it after it's boiled, to strain out any larger pieces of the stalk that

might have come apart. Either way, you'll never go back to fake vanilla once you've tried the real thing. The authentic taste of vanilla in guiltless sugar free form WITHOUT the aftertaste, will be a sure pleasant treat for those of us, who need a sweet treat without the sugar crash.

If you'd like the printable recipe, CLICK HERE.

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Kat Romett is a Certified & Insured Reflexology Practitioner, musician, & mother of 2 boys. She, and her family currently reside in Montgomery County, PA. Through her journey with parenting a child with special needs, Kat has learned the importance of self care & holistic health. She sees the benefits reflexology and healthy living have in creating peace in the body, which in turn creates peace in stress-filled environments. Kat has a special interest in working with women, mothers & caretakers who handle stress & anxiety on a daily basis.

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