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Reflexology for Back & Neck Pain

Many of us experience back & neck pain in our lives. The more activities we fit into our busy schedules, the more we tend to loose track of the reason our bodies ache and hurt at the end of the day.

It can be a minor tinge or an extreme strain, that prevents us from having full range of motion.

On a personal note: As a mom of a special needs son, I can relate to this all too well. Needing to move my son, or lift him up, caused me to have serious issues in both my neck & back, in the past.

Being a certified reflexologist, I understand the need of adding modes of therapy to relieve tension that creeps up on women and mothers.

Whether we're caring for our children, lifting heavy objects at work, or just going at full speed, without slowing down, tension can turn to strain, and even worse.It's important to listen to our bodies and get the self care we so desperately need.

Just switching from caretaker, to being in a place of recieving, can start the healing process, in itself.

Reflexology goes even deeper than just a foot massage. It accesses nerve function, while also getting the benefits of tension relief to the feet & body.

Reflexology is based on the premise, that our body is a network of nerves. All of our nerves come to the bottom of each foot.

There are 7,000+ nerves coming down to the bottom of EACH foot. That equals over 15,000 NERVES.

There are reflex points on the tops, bottoms & sides of our feet, as well as on our ears & hands. All these points correlate to different glands, organs & systems of the bodies.

When a certified reflexologist works on those points, an blocked nerve impulses unblock, oxygenated blood starts to flow, the body starts to RELAX, as stress mode is turned off. An experienced reflexologist will understand the balance of adding relaxation into the reflexology session with specific techniques. As this is all happening, homeostasis starts.

I have clients coming in for neck & back pain on a regular basis.

This includes, piano teachers, sitting in the same position all day, house cleaners, lawyers, athletes, mothers, etc.

No matter what the cause is for the neck & back pain,

a reflexologist will apply reflexology to the spinal reflex points; going up the spine, the neck reflex, along with the reflex to jaw, which hones in on all the muscles of the neck, among others.

Focusing on these specific points, while also working on every reflex point will be imperative for the best affect of the therapy. I was so elated to hear of one client who was having chronic back pain, and let me know a YEAR later, that she hadn't had pain in her back since. Sometimes, clients will even start feeling the tension ease, while they are getting worked on. That being said, every BODY is different, and it's good to give reflexology 3-5 sessions to get the full affect, and to give the body time to respond to the reflexology.

Adding reflexology to your stress & pain management plan can even be a benefit if you can only get in as needed, also. Just like anything, the more frequent you get sessions, the more benefits you'll feel.

If you'd like to try a session, and are living in Peace Roots' area of service, go to to schedule a session. Peace Roots has a special interest in women's and children's health, especially those dealing with high stress on a daily basis.


Kat Romett is a Certified & Insured Reflexology Practitioner, musician, & mother of 2 boys. She, and her family currently reside in Montgomery County, PA. Through her journey with parenting a child with special needs, Kat has learned the importance of self care & holistic health. She sees the benefits reflexology has in creating peace in the body, which in turn creates peace in stress-filled environments. Kat has a special interest in working with women, mothers & caretakers who handle stress & anxiety on a daily basis.

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