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Reflexology + Pain Management

There are so many ways to look at pain management, as there are so many roots of cause to feeling pain in our bodies. Being creative in finding holistic complementary therapies, is a great way to figure out what will work for you & your journey in finding relief.

As a certified reflexologist, practicing mobile reflexology, and in office reflexology, I have seen a variety of clients with different conditions of pain and disorder in their bodies. I love seeing how reflexology benefits each individual in different ways.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an all natural safe therapy that works on the premise that our body is a house of nerves. There are over 15,000 nerves that come to the bottom of our feet, along with our hands & ears.

There are reflex points on our feet, hands & ears. Those points correlate with different glands, organs & systems of our body.

Our bodies have a tendency of getting stuck in fight or flight mode, known as stress. If our bodies don't turn off that mode, and we are constantly on high alert, our bodies aren't functioning on an optimal level.

As a reflexologist practitioner starts to work on these reflex points with specific compression & relaxation techniques, the body finally gets it's stress mode turned off. Blocked nerve implulses get unblock & oxygenated blood starts to flow. When the body is in this state & correct balance starts to flow, the natural healing response we all have, becomes more efficient.

How to Break the Pain/Stress Cycle

Reflexology is the perfect complimentary therapy, safe for all ages, helping you get out of the constant cycle of pain & stress. Pain & stress are a bad combination. These two factors tend to feed on each other, but when stress relief is focused on, pain relief can also come, as some of you have experienced, if you've had reflexology.

One huge factor in pain relief is the release of endorphins. As reflexology contributes to clearing neural pathways, it also releases endorphins. Just one way reflexology may bring relief.

Reflexology also aids in increased blood circulation. As a reflexologist, I also like to add hot stones to my therapy, as this benefits increased blood flow, and expedites the relaxation process in the client. Many clients have noticed musculoskeletal relief, when hot stones have been added to the reflexology session.

Just last week, I had one client who just had gotten her knee brace removed after a surgery, but was still very sore & tight in that area. She was completely astonished how her knee was in much less pain, and her flexibility had increased in that area, right after the session. When the body finally gets deeply relaxed, while having neural pathways worked on, through nerve endings on our feet, beautiful things can happen. I still like to let clients know that every BODY is different, and reacts differently to sessions, so the only way to really know if reflexology will benefit you, is to try 3-5 sessions and see!

What does a sessions look like?

A Session usually lasts between 45-60 minutes long, with an option of adding hand & ear reflexology as well (depending on if therapists are additionally certified in hand & ear reflexology).

The great thing about reflexology is that you only have to take off your shoes & socks for the session.

Some therapists, like me, do mobile reflexology as well as in office sessions. You get the option of having the therapist bring a chair, or use the recliner you would have in your work or home space.

If you are having an in office session, the therapist will have either a massage table or chair, to work on your reflex points in their office space. The 1st session, would also be an assessment to tailor the reflexology session to your needs & conditions.

How do I find a reputable reflexologist in my area?

Always make sure to ask if the reflexology therapist is certified? As a certified reflexologist, I understand the importance of this. My training was not just a weekend course. There is in depth training & certification involved for a reputable reflexologist practitioner. Also make sure you find the right fit. Just like massage therapists, reflexologists are all different. Finding the right therapists that comes alongside you, in your stress & pain management will be such a hope filled addition to your preventative healthcare plan.


Kat Romett is a Certified & Insured Reflexology Practitioner, musician, & mother of 2 boys. She, and her family currently reside in Montgomery County, PA. Through her journey with parenting a child with special needs, Kat has learned the importance of self care & holistic health. She sees the benefits reflexology has in creating peace in the body, which in turn creates peace in stress-filled environments. Kat has a special interest in working with women, mothers & caretakers who handle stress & anxiety on a daily basis.

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